Who is PAI-TECH?

Our Vision

PAI-TECH’s vision is to be the leading bot operating system and to pave the way for future technologies to exist through distribution and intelligent bots.

Our Background

PAI-TECH was co-founded at 2018, by a group of serial entrepreneurs with a deep passion to advanced technologies.

Our Partners


The driving force behind out bot operating system.

Tamir Fridman

Tamir is the CEO & mastermind behind PAI. He’s a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in development, programming and AI.

Eran Caballero

Eran has previously spent time as CEO of his own business venture. He is an expert in his field and has extensive knowledge in computers, electronics and hardware.

Yehudit Sophayov

Yehudit (Diti) is PAI’s VP R&D. She is an expert in her field and has over 10 years of experience in development, with 5 of those leading R&D for a number of startups.

Bianca Belman-Adams

Bianca is originally from South Africa has over 10 years of experience leading and managing marketing, branding, graphic design and project management activities for companies internationally. She also holds a ‘Loerie Award’, one of the most prestigious creative industry and brand communication awards for Africa and the Middle East.

Gal Ben-Tovim
Head of Marcom & Content

Gal is an expert in marketing communication and content creation. He has international experience helping start-ups transform their brands by creating engaging and relevant content to better help them target their right audience, as well as improve their digital and sales strategy.

Pnina Aloni

Pnina is a full stack developer with vast experience in UX development